Brussels Aviation School is a flying school located in Brussels and Charleroi (Belgium). We have been continuously offering pilot training courses in both English and French for 8 years. Ground courses take place in the centre of Brussels, and you will be developing your flight skills from the international airport of Brussels South Charleroi. The two runways 25/07 are open every day, all year long.

Our Flight School gives you the opportunity to obtain the European Private Pilot Licence (PPL(A)) and fly anywhere in the world, whether it be for private or professional trips. We also provide Night Rating courses, as well as advantageous Time Building packages on our two Piper Warrior PA28 Glass Cockpit aircraft.

Whether flying for leisure or starting an airline pilot career, we have customised training solutions for you. We also organise flying trips for both student-pilots and qualified pilots (either private or commercial) in many different countries in Europe and elsewhere. Last but not least we organise maiden flights and occasional flight lessons for a special gift or occasion (birthday, etc.).

Our flight school is an Approved Training Organisation (BE/ATO-306).

Photo: OO-JETPiper Warrior PA28 Glass Cockpit (school flying trip in Italy, October 2014)


PPL Ground Courses (in-classroom training):  our classes take place every Tuesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30, in Brussels. There is only one more seat left in the classroom as from Tuesday 1 December 2015. Contact us to book your place.

Our ground courses for the European Private Pilot License take place in the centre of Brussels (Rue Rodenbach, 125 - 1190 Brussels) every Tuesday evening from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. The PPL course is given in English so English speakers are welcome.

We also provide private lessons on request, and you may opt for a mix of classroom courses and private lessons.

Flight training takes place from the international airport of Charleroi (EBCI), every day, all year long. You can start flying before studying the theory, or vice-versa.

Contact us on info@brusselsaviationschool.com for any further information.


Aircraft rental / SEP renewal: our two Piper Warrior III (PA28) aircraft, with Glass Cockpit and autopilot, are available for VFR or IFR time building (ATPL, CPL), for a SEP or Instrument Rating recheck, or just for leisure.

We have different attractive options. Please click here.

 Photo: flight in Western Sahara with our Piper Warrior PA28 Glass Cockpit (school flying trip in Morocco, 6 November 2012)

Flying trips and maiden flights

We are not only an airplane flight school. We organise all kinds of activities linked to aviation, such as maiden flights. Come and join us to experience a first flight from the left seat. You can hold the controls of an airplane for 1 complete hour of real flight, under the supervision of a commercial pilot!

Brussels Aviation School also organises various flying journeys all year long departing from Brussels South Charleroi airport (Belgium). These flying tours are open to both student-pilots and qualified private (or professional) pilots. We have explored many destinations in Europe and north Africa. Come and fly with us around the world to share our experience of international flying.

Photo: formation flight with our Piper PA38 Tomahawk (school flying trip, 2011)


Contact us on info@brusselsaviationschool.com for any further information.


"Aerotherapy": an original programme to help you overcome your fear of flying

Are you scared of being in an airplane? Did you ever think of holding the controls yourself? We can help you overcome your fear of flying with customised solutions.

For more information, please contact us: info@brusselsaviationschool.com