Flying trip to Morocco


Flying trip to Morocco (November 2010)

In November 2010, Brussels Aviation School organized its first flying trip to Morocco! Several pilots and student pilots of the school took off from the international airport of Charleroi Brussels South, to reach 3 days later, and after an unforgettable trip, Rabat, the capitale of the kingdom of Morocco.

On board of our two Piper Warrior PA-28, the OO-JET and the D-EGLA, our group reached Africa successfully. We flew across 5 different countries (Belgium, France, Spain, Great-Britain and Morocco) and we landed on 5 international airports, including the atypical and beautiful runway of the Rock of Gibraltar!

But more than words, here are a few pictures of our adventure trip....

The Brussels Aviation School team


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Off we go! We have just left the airport of Charleroi Brussels South
The Black Valley of the Creuse (France)
The impressive viaduct of Millau (France)
France, in autumn...
France, in autumn...
The Pyrenees, between Perpignan and Barcelona...
At the airport of Girona (Spain)
On the tarmac of Alicante's airport
We are leaving Alicante, heading Gibraltar...
Benidorm (Spain)
Along the Spanish coast
Along the Spanish coast
The south-east tip of Spain
The Sierra Nevada...
Flying by the Sierra Nevada, at 10,000 ft AMSL
Laurent and Cédric, aboard the OO-JET
The coasts of Africa, in the morning mist....
Africa, a few nautical miles away from us
Getting closer!
The straight of Gibraltar, its rock on the right hand side....and the runway!
The runway of Gibraltar, on base leg!
Laurent as captain, with Cédric. Long final, Gibraltar
Touch down Gibraltar... here we are!!!
The "dream-team" in Gibraltar, about to take off for the oher continent, Africa
Just airborne from Gibraltar ! A road crosses the runway in the middle!
Nous abordons les côtes marocaines...
...with Najat and Cédric as captains!
Flying above front of us: Europe
...descending to 500 ft AMSL...all along the coast between Tangier and Rabat...
The beautiful flat roofs of Kenitra
And finally, after 16 hours of flight and 1300 nautical miles, the runway of Rabat...
Almost there!
Touch down!!! We did it!!
Flying in the Moroccan Atlas
Formation flight in the Moroccan Atlas
Formation flight in the Moroccan Atlas
The D-EGLA with Laurent, Cédric, Najat and Alexandre
Formation flight in the Moroccan Atlas
Formation flight in the Moroccan Atlas
Formation flight in the Moroccan Atlas
Errachidia, the gateway to the desert....on the background, the first dunes of sand of the Sahara
The runway of the military airport of time, we will land there: November 2011 !!!
Formation flight in the Moroccan Atlas
Back to Rabat, at twilight
Alexis as Captain of the OO-JET
Only a few minutes left before sunset (flying VFR at night is forbidden in Morocco)
Mist + sunset on the airport of Rabat...visibility is very low!
We landed just a few seconds before sunset....let's go and have a drink now! See you soon!