First flight experience on the left seat of an airplane

What is it about?

During approximately 2 hours (1 complete hour in flight), you will get a pre-flight briefing, go through all the necessary security checks of the airplane, start the engine, take off, learn the basics on how to fly an airplane (climbs, descends, turns), approach and land, and have a debriefing of the flight afterwards. You do not need to bring anything with you as we provide all necessary equipment for you.

We will take off from Charleroi – Brussels South international airport where our airplanes are based, the same runway from which airliners take off.

Your instructor (who is a commercial pilot) will show you how to manoeuvre the airplane on the ground and in the air, how to navigate according to visual flight rules (VFR), as well as basic take-off and landing techniques. You will hold the controls of an aircraft for real!

The flight will be undertaken in a two-seater Piper Tomahawk PA38, but if one or two of your relatives or friends wishes to accompany you, the flight can be done in a four-seater Piper Warrior PA28 with Glass Cockpit (see pictures here).

Price is 200€ all included for a 1-hour flight on our PA38 airplane. If you choose the four-seater airplane, the price is 245€ for two persons (plus the pilot) and 255€ all included for three persons (plus the pilot). Our prices are all VAT included and include a 15-minute ground briefing given by the flight instructor before departure, which you can all attend, as well as 60 minutes in the air. Headsets for everyone are included in the price.

If it is for a birthday or special occasion like Valentine's day, we can send you by e-mail a customised gift voucher which will be valid for 6 months!

Tours around Brussels may be organised from the airport of Charleroi with the four-seater airplane.

Thrills guaranteed!

VFR flights are subject to specific weather conditions. Cloud base and visibility minima are required. In case of bad weather, your instructor will call you at least 2 hours in advance to cancel the flight and plan it for another day.

Brussels Aviation School looks forward to welcoming you on board of one of its airplanes and wishes you an excellent first flight as a pilot!