15th Anniversary of the School!

On the 16th of June 2022 we celebrated our 15 years of existence as a flight school with some of our students and pilots. The party took place in the lovely airfield of Namur (EBNM), in Belgium. What a wonderful opportunity it was for all of us to exchange and share our passion for aviation, […]

Airtrip to Normandy!

On Saturday 13 May, 4 airplanes of the school took off from Charleroi with French Normandy as the destination of the day. Five pilots & three students (Alain, Fernando, Gauthier, Léo, Mazen, Oleksandr, Raphaël & Thomas), as well as a flight instructor, Cédric, held the controls of our two PA38 and two PA28 for a […]

The Fish & Chips flying trip!

On Saturday 6 May, a bunch of 6 student-pilots, together with their flight instructors and 3 airplanes of the school flew to England from Charleroi via Amiens in France. This was a great opportunity to eat a good Fish & Chips at the airport of Lydd (EGMD)! Thanks to Alexandre, François, Michel and Pascal for […]

Mare Nostrum flying tour

Saturday 25 October 2014 Off we go for the 5th edition of our aerial trip to the south of our beautiful Mediterranean Sea! Belgian weather finally allowed us to be airborne @ 15:00 local time today and reach our first destination of the trip before sunset: Orléans ! Sunday 26 October 2014 Orléans is behind us […]

Flying trip to Brighton (July 2010)

10 pilots and student-pilots from Brussels Aviation School flew to Shoreham (Brighton, UK) on Saturday 19 July 2010. We took off from the international airport of Charleroi in the morning of Saturday 10 July , crossed the English Channel at 4000 feet QNH, and landed on the lovely airfield of Shoreham. The next day we took off again, […]

Scotland Flying Trip

Tuesday 17 June Our Spring Flying Trip this year brings us to Scotland, the country of malt and kilts! We left our base, Charleroi, around 13:00 local time and made a fuel and lunch stop in Duxford (EGSU), where you can see hundreds of beautiful old timers … We landed in Edinburg (EGPH) around 22:00 […]

Air Journey to Africa

Saturday 16 November 2013 Back to Charleroi (EBCI)! 3 weeks of trip, 8 countries, 12 pilots and student-pilots, 22 airfieds visited and 85 flight hours per aircraft! We would like to thank all participants who made the dream possible. Next year, we will try new horizons … looking forward to going back to Africa again! Friday […]

Flying trip to the Black Sea

Friday 5 July 2013 We are all safely back in Charleroi! Thanks for following us during the whole trip. Next trip will be Africa in the end of October this year! Thursday 4 July 2013 Strasbourg! This is the end, my friends….. Tomorrow, back to EBCI! Wednesday 3 July 2013 Sabrina and Marcelo joined the crew […]

Flying tour to the Island of Elba (Italy)

This year the weather conditions brought us to Germany and Italy for our traditional Pentecost flying weekend. First stop in Straubing (EDMS) in Germany, then night stop in Trieste (LIPQ), on the shores of the Adriatic sea. The next day we went on till the beautiful island of Elba, between Corsica and Italy, with a […]

Weekend in the Cornwall (UK)

Despite bad weather conditions in Charleroi, we managed to take off for England on Saturday 30 March! After a short stop in Shoreham (Brighton, EGKA) for lunch, we  landed in Newquay (EGHQ) just before sunset, in the Cornwall, and stayed there until Monday noon. We had the chance to fly around the Isles of Scilly Sunday […]