En Route Instrument Rating


We are happy to inform you that our school has been approved (BE/ATO-306) by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority to provide both ground and flight training, in Belgium, in order to obtain the new En-route Instrument Flight Rating (EIR).

The EIR enables private pilots to fly the instruments in the en-route phase of flight. The main difference with a full Instrument Rating is that the EIR does not allow the pilot to take off and land under Instrument Flight Rules. The pilot holder of an EIR must take off from A and land in B under VFR and in VMC. However, he or she may switch to IFR in order to cross a layer of clouds, for example.

The EIR requires 15 hours of instrument flight time under instruction and 80 hours of theory courses. The two main advantages of the En Route Instrument Rating are the following:

1 – the process is evolving since the holder of an EIR may credit up to 15 hours as Pilot-in-Command to pursue his/her training towards the full IR.

2 – the theoretical knowledge examination for the EIR and CB-IR (Competency Based Instrument Rating) is the same: once the theory is completed and passed, no need to take another theoretical knowledge examination to get your CB-IR. The programme of both ratings focuses on private pilots as well as on commercial pilots who do not want to work for an airline.

Conversion of Third Country IR To an EIR: holders of a third country PPL(A) with an IR can obtain an EIR by taking the Skill Test which shall include oral examination of Air Law, Meteorology and Flight Planning and Performance.

Our EIR ground courses will start on Sunday 17 January 2016 in Charleroi. Please contact us should you wish more information and the detailed course schedule.

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