Flying trip to Morocco: off we go!


Cédric and 5 pilots or student-pilots (Didier, Emilie, Luigi and Olivier) left on Saturday 29 October 2011 with the 2 Piper Warriors of the school towards Morocco. They had to do their first stop in Deauville, where they spent the night, due to bad weather conditions… They then flew to La Roche-sur-Yon and San Sebastian, where they spent their second night.

They reached the international airport of Seville on Monday evening and Didier took his Ryanair flight for EBCI! The group arrived in Tanger on Tuesday 1 November, first stop in Morocco! Olivier left the group and returned to EBCI with Air Arabia while Alexandra arrived in Tanger with Ryanair.

The next stops were the following: Agadir, Ouarzazate (in the Atlas), Zagora (close to the Algerian border), Dakhla (down to the south, by the Mauritanian border) and Laayoûne in the Western Sahara.

After one day of rest on the ground, Cedric and Benoît took off from Agadir on Wednesday 9 November and landed in Tanger a few hours later. They met Maxime and Tristan who arrived directly with an airline from Brussels. The group is now back in Europe. They first landed in Jerez de la Frontera for the customs and spent the night there. Didier joined them on site with Ryanair. They took off the next morning for Ibiza and the Baleares islands, and the last stops in France were in Perpignan and Vichy, for a final landing in EBCI on Saturday 12 November around 18h.

We did it, once again! 🙂

We are planning our next long flying trip in June 2012, destination: the Artic circle!

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