Scotland Flying Trip


Tuesday 17 June

Our Spring Flying Trip this year brings us to Scotland, the country of malt and kilts!

We left our base, Charleroi, around 13:00 local time and made a fuel and lunch stop in Duxford (EGSU), where you can see hundreds of beautiful old timers …

We landed in Edinburg (EGPH) around 22:00 local time, with still plenty of day light!

Wednesday 18 June

We are in Inverness (EGPE), the capital of the Highlands!

We are aiming for the Shetlands tomorrow!

Thursday 19 June

We did land in the Shetlands! In Sumburgh (EGPB). And had a stop for the night in Kirkwall (EGPA), in the Orkney Islands.

Friday 20 June

Landed in Stornoway (EGPO) in the Outer Hebrides! Tomorrow there is a little challenge waiting for us … Stay tuned!

Saturday 21 June

We landed on a beach today! For the first time of our lives, we landed on sand, pure sand! Barra Beach Airfield is the only place in the world where scheduled flights use a beach as the runway! And this is in Scotland! After a few low passes, we managed to touch down and make a full stop with our two PA28s. Runway 33 was in use, the wind was 310 degrees, 6 knots. It has been an unforgettable moment, real freedom!

We are now in Oban (EGEO), in the south west of Scotland, near the beautiful Isle of Skye.

Sunday 22 June

Back to Edinburg! And we have found Nessie (look at the pictures on the French version of our website …)! 😉

Monday 23 June

Back to our base airfield: Charleroi (EBCI)!

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