PPL Flight Practice

We are based at Brussels South Charleroi Airport. We use the same runway as the main airlines.

Your first steps on the apron

From your very first flight, you will experience the exciting atmosphere of an international airport. You will fly in a busy environment, adhere to standard international procedures, and share the same radio frequency as the commercial airlines!

45 hours of training

The training comprises a minimum of 45 hours flight time, of which at least 25 hours must be done with an instructor, and 10 hours solo! You hold the controls from your very first flight lesson! Here is a glimpse at what you will do during your practical training:


PPL Flight Practice Program

1 - Basic manoeuvres

Your first steps into this exciting environment. Get familiar with the aircrfat and the airport. Learn to fly straight, turn, climb and descend.

2 - Circuits

This is the training phase that leads to your first solo flight. Practice your takeoffs and landings until your intructor steps out of the aircraft and leave you alone on board!

3 - Cross-country navigation

Discover Belgium and its surroundings from the sky, from North to South and from East to West. Learn how to calculate you heading and time en-route.

4 - Basic instruments flying

Learn how to rely solely on your instruments when you fly into a cloud.

5 - Precision exercices

Improve your flying skills and master advanced flying techniques for specific circumstances.

6 - Solo navigation

A minimun of 3 solo navigations to top off your training before the final skill test.



PPL Theory

9 different modules taught by videoconference. Follow your progress with a dedicated online tool.

PPL Exams

Discover how and when theoretical and practical exams can be taken to obtain your license.

PPL Costs

All the costs related to your pilot training. You pay only as you fly.

Ready to learn to fly with us?