Have you ever dreamt of flying and seeing our beautiful planet from the sky? We are there to make your dream come true, being it for a hobby or for a future career in aviation, and get your Private Pilot License.

Getting your PPL involves following an approved training course in a Approved Training Organization (ATO), and that’s exactly what we offer!

The training combines theory* and practice.

A PPL is something that anybody can get! Indeed, there are no special requirements to start flying and the ground courses are easy to grasp. You can start your training as of the age of 15 already.

*Our next session of PPL ground courses starts on Tuesday 10 September 2024 @ 19:00. Theoretical classes are given in English and online (live) only.


Yes you can !

There is no specific knowledge or skills to have to start your private pilot training. No pre-entry requirements. You can actually book your first flight experience now!

Before being able to fly solo, you will however have to:

  • Be 16 years old at least
  • Hold a valid Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate

The medical certificate is delivered either by an Approved Medical Center (AMC) or by an Apporved Medical Examiner (AME). Contact us for the list of AMCs and AMEs in Belgium.

For the final skill test, you will have to:

  • Be 17 years old at least
  • Pass the PPL theory examinations organised by the National Civil Aviation Authority



PPL Theory

Given by live video conferencing. Follow your progression with a unique interface.

PPL Practice

A unique and complete program to get prepared in getting your PPL license and fly solo.

PPL Exams

Discover how and when theoretical and practical exams can be taken to obtain your license.

PPL Costs

Know more about the costs related to ground courses, flight training and other fees.

Ready to learn flying with us?