Basic Instrument Rating – Entry into force in 2021


The new Basic Instrument Rating (BIR) will finally enter into force on 8 September 2021. This new Rating – especially made for private pilots – will be a European (EASA) Rating, hence valid throughout Europe (but not elsewhere in the world, not an ICAO rating). The BIR will allow flight in class A airways.

The flight training will be “fully competence-based” with no minimum training hour requirements. It should be divided into three modules (SEP) : 1) Basic Instrument Flight, 2) Departures & approaches, 3) En-route Instrument Procedures. There will be a single theory examination for each module and the theory will be valid for life (not limited to a 7-year validity life like for the IR).

The following minima will have to be respected:


– visibility ≥ 1500 m

– ceiling ≥ 600 ft or circling minimum, if higher.


– visibility ≥ 1500 m

– the pilot must add 200 ft to the minimum decision height.

The BIR will be valid for 1 year. Revalidation will be by proficiency check or 1-hour instruction (to be applied in alternate years).

Existing EIR holders will be allowed to continue to exercise their privileges, and they will receive full credit for Modules 1 and 3 when stepping up to the BIR.

The training will need to be validated by an ATO (Approved Training Organisation) and the candidate will have to be presented to the final skill test by an ATO.

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