Live video conferencing

Our PPL(A) ground courses take place once a week on Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. Belgian (bank) holidays are observed. The courses are given in English by live video conferencing and are mostly hosted by the founder of the flight school himself, Cédric Collette.

Our next PPL theoretical session starts on Tuesday 10 September 2024 @ 19:00.


E-learning Platform

Registration to our theory classes also gives you access to our state of the art e-Learning platform. Class attendance statistics, instructor's debriefing of last flight session, upcoming events, etc... You will access our unique online interface to closely monitor your theory and flight training progression.

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9 months - 9 modules

The course will be completed in approximately 9 months (if you start in September). What you study will be put into practice during your flight lessons. The complete syllabus (official EASA programme) is divided into 9 modules, covered over 31 sessions of 2.5 hours. If you wish or need to move on faster, private theory sessions can be organised. You can start almost anytime in the year.

The official PPL programme in 9 fascinating courses

Principles of flight

How and why does an airplane fly? What are the ailerons for, the flaps for, etc.


Learn how to travel from place to place in an airplane.

Airlaw and ATC procedures

Rules of the air, rules of priority, airspace organisation, etc.


Learn to talk to the control tower by using the appropriate phraseology

Performance and flight preparation

Calculate your take-off and landing distances, your fuel consumption. Mass and balance calculations