The SEP rating allows a pilot to fly a single engine piston airplane.

Our flight school is approved (BE-ATO/306) to provide ground and flight training for the first issuance of a SEP rating to pilots who do not hold it.

The training starts by an assessment of the theoretical knowledge and flight skills of the pilot in order to set up the programme that best suits the pilot needs. A skill test with a Flight Examiner is organised once the pilot is ready.

The SEP rating is valid for two years.

avions brussels aviation school
avions brussels aviation school


Our flight instructors are approved to revalidate the SEP rating of any pilot holding a Belgian license. The SEP rating needs to be revalidated every two years.

Once the revalidation flight is completed and the revalidation flight criteria are fulfilled, the instructor signs the pilot license directly and sends immediately the training file of the pilot to the aviation authorities.


If your SEP rating has expired, you can renew it easily.

Our flight school is approved to provide ground and flight training for the renewal of your SEP rating. We have several tailor-made programmes in order to adapt to the situation of each pilot, as it depends on how long the rating has been expired for.

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Night Rating

Enjoy the beauty of a night time flight and increase your opportunities to fly beyond the sunset.

Instrument Rating

Our school provides qualified pilots with a theoretical and practical training for holding an Instrument Rating.

Tailwheel Difference Training

We provide a tailweel difference training to qualified pilots.

Recheck your SEP?