Brussels Aviation School offers the opportunity to licensed private pilots to learn to fly a historical and iconic aircraft, our Stampe SV4 registered OO-GWB.

Based on a 1933 design and built in 1951 for the Belgian Air Force, this  beautiful wood and fabric biplane is part of the Treasures of the French speaking community of Belgium since 2017. No other Stampe has ever flown down across Africa to reach Cape of Good Hope during an epic journey that all started in Charleroi in 2016! 

The « Tail Wheel » difference course can be obtained after a few hours of flight training and a thorough briefing given by Cédric Collette, founder of the flight school and chief flight instructor.


Night Rating

Enjoy the beauty of a night time flight and increase your opportunities to fly beyond the sunset.

Instrument Rating

Brussels Aviation School provides qualified pilots with a theoretical and practical training for holding an Instrument Rating.

SEP Rechecks

Our ATO provides training to pilots to obtain, revalidate or renew their SEP rating.

Interested in flying a Stampe?