Rainy is a private pilot!

Dear Rainy, what can be said?….

We are so thrilled with your success today! You are now a private pilot, after 8 years!!!!

Yes, you took your time. Yes, you had an incredible number of setbacks in your life. But who cares? You never gave up and you are now the holder of a private pilot license. And you deserve it as anybody else. This is what really matters.

You often told us that you would be breaking all the school’s records! Actually, you are probably the student for which Cedric is the most proud of. And the picture below shows all the respect and friendship you share for each other.

André, Frederick and Hervé have also been your regular flight instructors along the way.

#13 is definitely your lucky number. Remember you were cleared for solo on the 13th of May 2015!

Congratulations Rainy, your success has a very particular meaning to us.

Prêt pour votre premier vol ?